Nitron’s works Duratec Elise Racer is finally up for sale, perfect for Class C in the new Lotus-on-Track series. This car has to be seen to be appreciated. It is a real race car built from the chassis up, ultra light and made from the best parts. This is not a toy. 275 bhp and well under 700kg, including a full Chromoly cage, it has staggering power to weight for a normally aspirated car. It has just finished a full rebuild, including engine and gearbox.

For a detailed specification please see:

�30k ready to go.

Come and see the car this Friday and Saturday at Brands Hatch.

Please call Guy Evans on 07711 826607 or at Nitron if you are seriously interested in this car.

Car looks great Pete. Is Team Nitron appearing with another car?

Thanks, it’s never looked better actually.

Yeah we’ll be back in racing in one form or another - watch this space!

Hi pete. Is this car road legal? I understand all cars have to be road legal to run in elise series, ie Glass windows working handbrake ect ect ect. Rexs

No the car isn’t road legal, pity!

I don’t know the full regulations for the series, but i can’t imagine all those race cars still have glass windows.

yes, the guys that had perspex screens had to fit glass ones

Rex is also right about the handbrake etc
your ARB is also illegal under the current rules
and as far as I am aware you aren’t allowed to strengthen the subframe
Alloy tank also not allowed
twin clutch plate also not allowed

Sorry Guy, not trying to put anyone off buying it but these things would need to be changed to comply with the current regs

OK i stand corrected on Class C. What about Class D - the most extreme for the Seloc series? Maybe some mods would be required, but nothing too drastic to satisfy the scrutineers.

There are a multitude of other race series around the world suitable.

not sure about class D, but would be better suited to a different series as it would get penalised with weight in class D.

as you mentioned in the ad, its not a toy, its a proper race car and a nice one at that

Well it took a long time to build, and has a real top spec list of bits. Have had a good look at the class regs now, and it wouldn’t actually take too much to make it class C legal (compared to the work it took to build it!), with up to 310bhp available in normally aspirated form from the engine it should still be extremely competitive… in other series too. We would of course continue to provide support to anyone who wanted to run it.

Russ !!

What make of dampers is it running?? :-p

Lovely looking car - see I knew there were things to buy if you came into money

Hi chaps,

I’m running my car in the BARC North West sports and saloons championship this year. The rules are a lot more free than most series/championships as it’s the very same organisation that used to be Modsports all those years ago.The top three classes are for specials and the bottom three for modified production based cars. Simple engine capacity verses weight formula too. Get 5 or more of any type of car in the race and you can get your own trophy within the overall championship too. Points are scored per class, not for overall position so even somone in the lowest class could easily win the whole championship.

Might be worth having a look at this sort of thing for anyone that would want the Nitron car or anyone having the audacity of trying to put a race car near a race track…