Nitron Clicks Gone

Just came to adjust my Nitrons for the road and one has lost its clicks complete

I’ve tried all the usual tricks, WD40, up and down soft/hard loads of times but the clicks dont come back.

Anyone else had that problem ?


You remember I had something similar ??

The cure was to rotate them to their hardest and then to their softest a couple of times and then the clicks came back…

That was the advice of Andrew Welch, and it worked for me…

Hope you get your clicks back soon !!

If Nitron have a stand at Donington, I’ll ask Guy


Yeah I know - tried that a hundred times …

Appreciate if you can ask Guy - I’m stuck for time before Bedford now as I also need to change the brake master cylinder ( least thats what I hope the spongy pedal is now ) but NW havent delivered the thing yet

Mmmm looks like I’m gonna have to “trust” a third party

Right-o !!

See you

The clicks are back

Mike - maybe worth a ??? with Guy - but I just came to take 'em off and thought I’d try - straight away I got clicks …

I did drive around a bit yesterday to try and see if that made any difference but it didn’t … so …


Great news -

Does that mean you don’t want the measurements now then ??

Or are you going to send them back for a check over??

(PS - Who used to say, “now then now then now then” ?)

Er … the clicks have gone again

I know what happens now … when you go to maximum hard it feels like it rolls past a stop a little, the clicks are gone… however when you take the shock off the car and drop it on the ground the clicks are back …

So … yes mearurements please because I did of course forget when I had it off the car

Anyhow - I think when I have time I will let Guy check 'em out.