Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Hints? Tips? Links? Emerald seem to have had some experience with Nitrous K-series here: | Breaking News, Sport, Features and Video -

Ken, I’m sure such things exist, but I’ve yet to experience a nitrous car that was reliable. Amongst others, I’ve run into David Yu a few times (ex Chairman of the Skyline Owner’s Club and ex owner of Godzilla, a 550 BHP Skyline), and he seemed to blow up every time he went out, despite spending rude amounts of money having his engine strengthened etc.! [image][/image]

Thanks for the help.

Nitrous is a lot more popular on this side of the pond, and in Dallas it is ubiquitous. There are a lot of very specific issues to be dealt with. I’m no expert, but I’ve participated in installs. I’ve also seen lots of blown engines, but that stems from the fact that entry level kits are quite cheap … many kits are installed by first-timers … and the ease of cranking up the wick proves far too tempting for most. Talk to some experts. There are many over here. Try Nitrous Oxide Systems or Nitrous Express. Nitrous is how you build an 11 second car for $5k … for 22 seconds