Nissan GTR....Top Secret!

Bit of a heads up, if anybody is interested!

3.5l V6 bi-turbo, although may be increased capacity varient (the max they can achieve out of the block is 3.85l, but heard there may be a 3.7l version). Is an all new engine, although basic bore and stroke is same as 350Z engine. Power…probably around 440 to 450PS, but is a 550ps varient using a modified IHI turbo from Scooby WRX STi. Ti inlet valves, sexy semi-dry sump system suitable for very high g cornering. Initial handling development on mule cars done by …Lotus! Target dynamic lateral acceleration of 1.6g on normal road tyres, which has been achieved…don’t know what the steady state max lateral g is though!

It was unveiled today at Tokyo Motorshow. Gutted I’m not able to go this year.
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