Nick Mason's daughter's Exige

Sorry, I can’t remember her name, but I really like some of the mods that have been done on her car. I particularly like the side air intake pods being replaced with a simple mesh grill.

I took a few pictures a while back, but I seem to have lost them. Does anybody else have any?

Yes mate.

Her car was parked in the same exhibitors car park as me at Goodwood and I got some snaps.

To be honest I cant say I really like them (apart from the side air ducts)

Will try and did them out tonight and post them up.

Great! Thanks. I think the wing is a little OTT, but all the mesh bits work well.

Remember seeing them on SELOC a few months back, red Exige new rear wing and mesh replacing the black bit at the back plus a red engine cover and the intakes. Was it not all done by Plans motorsport?

Not seen it…Any photo’s???

Her name is Holly…

Dean Lanzante is your man

See what I can dig up

Here we go chaps




Its different, even more ‘grrrr look at me’. All it needs now is the roof vent extention.
The painted front splitter looks very different.
Dont like the wing OTT
Dont like the lack of 048s

Love the replacement mesh at the back

As far as the side vents, I am not a fan of the plasticy nature of them but want to be different from Elise.
If I had the cash I would go for the mesh rear and some reverie side scoops and diffuser
see below

PS she also has great taste in colour

Magic! Thanks very much. I’m not so sure now. The air intakes certainly look more elegant, but I supposed they’re a bit less ‘Exige-ish’. Makes it look even more like an Elise coupe.

Actually, it very close to the M250

I suppose it would cost a good few hundred quid to change them so maybe I should leave it alone.

Have to say I dont like it all. For me black wheels are an essential part of the Exige look, the lack of side scoops makes it look too Elise like, the rear wing is pure max power, and no AO48s! - a huge chunk of the Exige driving experience come from thos tyres. Each to their own I guess…


Not my cup of tea either but I suppose she does have a few other cars to play with!

I quite like the replacement mesh at the back. The wing looks ok like the Louts Sport Exige

Look better if the car was BLACK

Wasn’t that the car on a stand at the Club Lotus show at Donny this year…I remember it next to Gavin Kersaws Sport Elise racer on his stand.

Yep. That’s where I first saw it.

from the pics… the tyres might be A039’s so not such a step away from A048’s

I’m pretty sure that you’re right Rox. I’ve seen the car on many occasions (Holly races, amonst other things, a vintage Le Mans Aston Martin, at the same meetings as Russ in his Exige), & I think it looks great.The photos don’t really do it justice.

Holly uses the car on a daily basis, which includes driving in central London, so she wants a car that is user friendly in heavy traffic, as well as being a fast road car. A couple of years ago she had considered getting an S1 Exige & ditching the VHPD for a 111s drivetrain, simply because of her daily commute.

She’s a handy racing driver too - wasn’t half chucking the Aston around during the 1 hour feature race at Le Mans this year

Saw car in paddock at Donington on Saturday alongside White Mouse relay team Ulster Astons. I though the wing looked ok; wheels, too.
Prominent among the CDs visible inside was one by her dad’s outfit. I suppose it pays to keep on the right side of the man providing the motors.