Nice video from Netherlands

You can switch on Close captions on you tube for English subtitles

I just enjoy seeing S1 in videos

Great find! Noticed no sill covers, not keen on that look. Can’t fault his opinions, though

Ha… this is my one… I bought it from these guys :sunglasses:

Sill covers have been replaced with new BTW… the original ones were all torn up which I guess is why he took them off.


Ah well congratulations on a good looking S1 :sunglasses:

I enjoyed the video nice to see an Exige on a video like that. Enjoy it :+1:

Thanks man, absolutely love the car… and the video helped sell it for sure. :thumbup:


Just found time to watch this video. Absolutely fascinated by the Dutch language.

I like the fact that every now and again and English word or phrase pops in. I think common in European languages where an English phrase has become synonymous with something. But enjoyed the enthusiasm :+1:

Agreed! My French is passible and the odd Franglish work creeps in. I hear the Dutch language a bit when I work in Belgium but its really, really goed if I manage to understand 5% of what is being said!