Next Exige Owner.

I’m getting my new S2 black exige on Saturday (28th May 05). I have had 2 elise’s s1 & s2 111s, and now I�ve come across to the dark side and got myself a black S2 exige. It is coming with stage 2 exhaust, itg induction. So it should be loud I hope. Trying to keep it under 3500 rpm will be hard. I’m going up to Santa Pod next Sunday so should be able to put some mileage on.

Welcome Ozzer!

Once you’ve run it in keeping it under 5500 will be difficult!


Hi there !!!

alright chief. Saw a black s2 exige in murrays last week. I was sorely tempted its the best colour for the S2. Oh and according to the dealer, the lotus approved supercharger conversion will be available for it very soon

A supercharger!!! Wow I’ll be keeping a look out for that! I’ve not seen many black exige photos on here so once I’ve picked her up i’ll take some and post them on here.

After I have run it in what is the best oil to use?

its usually mobil 1 or castrol RS for the vhpd, dunno bout the yota engine. Id probably guess at mobil 1 but try searching the forum in non - kseries section

After I have run it in what is the best oil to use?

Per the manual, perhaps?

I’m running mine on Texaco Halvoline synthetic 5w/40 as the handbook tells me.

17,000 trouble free miles so far.


Good to hear you went for the stage 2. I have had mine on since new and 2500 miles later I still cant believe the sound it makes just wait till you hit the 2nd cam its so good.

Just had my first service done by Dick Lovett in Swindon and they used Castrol RS.

Bell & Colvill use Shell Helix Ultra, go figure. I guess if it’s good enough for Ferraris…