newby needs advice

I have got money to buy an exige for about �22000, what milage are k series engines good for as most around this range are 20k plus. When do they start needing rebuilds or causing problems?. Also are parts expensive such as new clams as funds are limited. Any help would be welcomed.

Not sure about the longevity, but I think the K Series is a pretty tough engine, as long as it’s well maintained

Parts are not going to be cheap, especially if you get them from a main Lotus dealer, but there are plenty of specialists that will do just as good a job for a lot less. Why do you want to know the price of the clams? You should never need to replace these, as essentially make up most of the bodywork, and hence are extremely expensive if my experience of the VX220 is anything to go by

You should be able to get a good car for �22k - I have just bought a nice std black Exige for �19500. In fact if you want a really nice clean car (and if he’s still got it for sale), have a look at shabdabblers(sp?) in the for sale section. A very clean car with a lot of good options, which I would have bought had I been able to reach the pedals properly (long story)

Good luck anyway mate


I dont know if there is any truth to this but I heard somewhere that the VHPD engines like in the Exige onlt last for ~40K miles due to their state of tune. This would obviously depend massively on how hard you drive it and if you look after it properly.

Imagine 40,000 miles of trackdays…

How many tyres is that ???


How much are new engines. I plan to keep car for a long time and dont fancy it blowing up within first few years. How is it using car for day to day use any probs? Reason I ask about clams is if I accidently wrap it up on a lamp post as I find it hard to drive slow on the road!.


  1. New VHPD engine = �9500 plus vat.(Compared to Honda
    conversion incl gearbox, vat & fitting for around �10K)

  2. Clams are about �1000 each (front & rear), plus painting
    & fitting.

  3. Everyday use - some do, some don’t - it’s a personal

  4. Engines/gearboxes are quite strong. I’d recommend oil
    changes sooner than the official 6K miles - say 4K with
    normal road use, & 2K or 3K with track use. I,ve done
    31K in mine since new in Jan 01, including 23 trackdays
    & 3 round trips from Bolton to Le Mans. Only things to
    break are 1 alternator & 2 aircon pipes (fixed FOC). My
    engine was stripped down 5K miles ago - only bits
    replaced were to upgrade with motorsports parts to give
    as much longevity as possible.

If you want to really know how good the cars are, you need to take it on track. You cannot safely exploit the car’s handling/roadholding/braking capabilities on the road, & trying to find “the limit” on the Queen’s highway would be dangerous - for you & other road users! However, for regular track work you will need to fit braided hose/upgraded pads & fluid i.e. around �500 incl vat & fitting.

If you want to drive that fast on the roads you’ll lose your license first

The car’s limits are so high hat is only advisable to search for them on the track.


Get the engine mounts welded round too before they go. Easier that way round. They are the original Rover part that didn’t have much of a track record in the smaller HP cars let along the Exige.