Hello to all,
Paul Nichols here from just outside Bedford, I’ve had an Exige S2 Sprint for about a month now, pretty pleased with it, already had a re map, baffled sump and a few other mods including a hangar 111 sports car with original back box, tbh it was a bit quiet and the rear diffuser and panel needed tidying. I’ve ordered a 2bular dcat and back box, bought a 211 rear panel and new diffuser. Exhaust will be ready at the end of the month, cheers to Jim
Can’t wait to fit it all now
Any members around Bedford ? Feel free to contact me, I’m hoping to organise/ get to a local meet

Welcome Paul
How about some pictures of the car please?

Hi Paul,

My car is currently up near Bedford…where abouts are you?

Welcome Paul :wave:

I haven’t got many pictures at the moment, those I do have need rescaling, I’ll get some up asap

Just to save you time. Upload to photo bucket and copy the img code and paste I here :thumbup:

Cheers, yeah I will, not used photobucmet in ages, so I’ll have to dig out the details


Sprint owner here too :thumbup:
What year is yours?


S2 Sprint…lovely …colour. Spec.? 2008 or there abouts?
Have fun

Welcome to Paul :slight_smile:

Hi Rick
It’s a 2008, Blue, Gold and white, with the edition plaque showing 1972
Yours ?

Spec is changing already, once I’m sorted I’ll post spec and pics up
I see you have a tailored cover for an S2 for sale, price ? Colour etc please

I may see you around the bromham area now and again.

You local then ?

The folks live a couple of villages away aye.

Ahh ok ! I’m in Oakley, so yeah maybe

1970 Yellow.

I’m starting to get a register together, had a few details on your car, nice mileage on it. :slight_smile:

Welcome all, love the sprint colour schemes, we need pictures :clap:

Cool they are just outside Carlton

Some pictures from the for sale ad, it’s a bit shinier now and currently has the rear diffuser, rear number plate panel and exhaust off, ready for a different approach.
I’d also like to upgrade the rear brakes to AP 2 pots, to match the front, other than that I’m very happy.
Oh, also got me a personal reg, early birthday prezzie, 40 in August.