Newbie signing in - finally!

Having read the forum for a while and then finally managing to trade my TVR Chim in for an S1 Exige at the end of July I thought I better say hello.
The Exige is an Azure blue 2000 with 190 kit, other than that the only upgrade is front bells and rotors and a non standard exhaust - don’t know what make but has single oval tailpipe and doesn’t seem too loud.
I am now totally addicted it’s soooo different to the TVR - got to get used to revving an engine again and using the gearstick more often
Will post some photos when I get a chance to take some decent ones.
Planned 1st upgrade will hopefully be motorsport seats and harnesses but I realise I might have to wait a while for some to come up for sale.
Have been to a couple of local SELOC Hampshire group meetings but haven’t seen any other S1 Exiges there.
Plan to try and do at least 1 trackday before the end of 2008.
Anyway have enjoyed reading the forum and hope to contribute to discussions in the future.


Nice one Alex - welcome.

Hanger 111 do some nice seats

The seats look great but a little pricey with leather/alcantara finish especially when you’ve added the dreaded VAT and price of harness bar and harnesses, by the way what’s the advantages/disadvantages of wrap around or bolt in harnesses?

Hi Alex,

a welcome from Holland as well
good to hear you changed from TVR to Exige S1
as I own an S1 and have thought about TVR, but glad I choose the S1 afterall

I got my Motorsport seats (black with blue alcantara) from somebody on Seloc, so keep a eye out on their classifieds section as you should be lucky at some time, same goes for a harness bar and harnasses

you even might want to send a message to Lotus as they sold brand new 6 point Sabelt harnesses at the 60th Anniversary on Sunday for 170 pounds per set (only in red colour though)

happy driving

I’ll just say “welcome and hi” as that’s all I’m qualified to do around here!

S1 sounds nice… really… must… stop… thinking… about… S1’s…

Yup. Welcome. Good bunch on here, very friendly.I spend most of my time here, according to Mrs T

^^^^^^^What he says^^^^^^^ Not his wife

Thanks all for the welcome, will keep my eye out for motorsport seats, still wondering what the advantage / disadvantage is of wrap around or bolt in harnesses - don’t want to buy ‘bolt in’ to use with my current seats and then feel the need to change to wrap around when I get some seats with harness holes.

Hi - I don’t think there is any great difference between the two types from a safety perspective. Wrap around would be the way to go if I was doing it again - I have bolt in. That would just be from the added hassle of fitting them and ensuring that they are in the correct alignment, and then there’s the extra weight of them .

I would not fit either without having the cut outs in the seats, however, do a little more research on the consequences of them failing.

Hi Alex
welcome - from one S1 owner in Basingstoke to another.
You’ve gotta do a trackday - you’ll be grinning for days.

Thanks Stu
I’m looking at maybe doing one of the LOT Rockingham days in November

Welcome Alex!

I will be at Rockingham on 16 November (open pit lane on that day). It would be good to see another S1 there.



Do not worry - I am already booked on this date, so there is already another S1 there!



I have booked Saturday 15th for Rockingham with Lotus on track is there another track day on the 16th ?
Also what happened to the web site?
Last question Yoko AO 48 v LTS Yokos, has anyone tried both?

Hi Eugene and CliveE
I’ve now booked in for the 16th looking forward to meeting you guys there and experiencing the Exige on track for the first time



Have you got another track day booked before the 16th November, as this is the advanced / intermediate day? I think that there is a requirement that you have attended at least one trackday before. The novice / intermediate day is the day before (15th November).

Please check. I don’t want you to get scared out there



Hi Clive
Thanks for your concern, but although this is the first trackday with the Exige, I’ve done a fair number in previously owned cars including some with LOT albeit in a TVR


Good man!!! You are more experienced than me then

See you there,


Excellent - Clive and Alex, I look forward to meeting you on the 16th.


Cheers guys can’t wait!