newbie questions

Right having got over the initial buzz of owning an S2 Exige. Today I decided to go out and do a few closer checks.First off there isn’t any tyre weld where the manual tells me it should be in the boot obviously been used or mislaid. Would I be right in thinking if I buy a can of Holts tyre weld I will be ok?
The car is also due its second service and I see the oil is not cheap. Wheres the best place to get it from and which kind is best?
EEr Tyre pressures. I just set em to 2.0 bar and then read thats to high. What do you suggest I will be mainly doodling round town.
Sorry if these questions are a bit newbieish but your help would be gratefully received.
oh one last thing can anyone point me in the right direction to get hold of a service manual on disk or a place to download it?

Yep Holts Tyre weld will be fine.
Get mine from Opieoils (there’s a thread with new offers on)
A fully synthetic 5-40 should be fine for road or try Silkolene Pro S 10-50 if tracking
Run my pressures at 21F 23R cold, but anything from 20-25F and 22-28R seem to be put forward by people.

Are you sure the tyre weld isn’t there? It took me a while to find mine, as it’s tucked right up in the top right corner on top of the wheel arch liner.

I’ll have another check.Oh and thanx steve for the advice.

Owners manual says 1.8 bar front and 2.0 bar rear. I have run this with no probs, dropped 0.3 bar all round for first track session.

Ironically the german language manual says 2.0 bar all round…

I think the pressures in the manual (29psi front and rear) are too high - use them and you end up with uneven tyre wear, with the centre wearing far more quickly than the outer edges of the tyre. I now use 24/26 front/back cold which seems about right, but take quite a bit more air out for dry track use.


Thanx again I’m now trying 23f and 26r and it seems fine but a few weeks will let me know for sure. The tyre weld is definately not there so will get some pronto.Something else I have noticed in little corners like the bracket behind the towing hitch how rusty the steel bits seem to get.Some fixings like bolts and such seem to get rusty real quick too.I suppose its all part of owning a Lotus.