Newbie member.... hello to all!

Hi folks,

Well what can i say about the exige that hasnt been covered here before many times. They are quite simply fantastic!

I’m not an owner, but am fanatical about exiges - in perticular the S1 cars.

I’ve known about for some time, but was motivatd into joining because last night I came across a titanium S1 in a driveway near my girlfriend’s parents house in Langdon hills (near Basildon, Essex). It looked so lithe, distinctive, agressive, and just SO much fun, that I’ve decided the exige is the car for me.

The closest I’ve come to the driving experience is a brief stint in a friend’s S1 elise 111s. That was fun but I suspect an exige would really hit the sweet spot.

And I just LOVE the way they look! AND it’s handy size would make it just perfect to slot into my parent’s garage… I feel a crafty plan coming on!

In the meantime it would be great to speak to some of you owners, enjoy the photos of your cars, and talk exiges in general!

If that was your S1 I saw - let me know!




Hi Chris and welcome along


Hi Chris

Go get yourself one…sounds like you live close to me.