Newbie looking for help

Hi Guys
As you can see I’m new here and have come from the darkside of overweight german saloons (I have an E46 M3) so I hope you’ll forgive me.

Changes at work have meant that I will be getting rid of the M3 so I have the oppotunity to get something more appropriate for weekends/trackdays hence me posting here. I’m ashamed to say I have very little experience of any Lotus but have been to enough trackdays to see how great an Exige is.

So what I’m looking for is buying advice. My budget would cover an S1 so I hope you’ll be able to give some tips on what to look for, specs, where to buy and any well known issues/faults. Basically bringing me up to speed on the Exige.

I apologise if this is alot to ask but the forum here seemed to be the best place to start.


Welcome Nick good choice of next vehicle.

The best thing to start with is a search (see option at top, try something like ‘advice’ over 3+ years) as this question has been asked a bunch of times before.

When you find a potential car on (for example Pistonheads) come back and get peoples thoughts. You might well find somebody say “That’s my old car” (then you can do more of a forum search on them and decide if that’s a good or a bad thing ).

If you’re up North get to Cadwell on the 24th June where loads of us will be and you’ll more than get the general idea. We’re a friendly bunch and tips on what to look for when buying shouldn’t be hard to get.



Cheers for the advice. That would have been the best place to start, doh!!

I’m based in Hertfordshire so Bedford is probably my closest circuit.


Keep a look out in the Trackday section for people going to Bedford.

It’s been a recent test venue for new Honda engine installs.


You really should try to get to Cadwell on the 24… there will be plenty of S1’s in all kinds of tune and helpful owners urging you to join us…You cant beat Exige for fun for money (and some tears)
Join us you know it makes sense…

Cheers for the encouragement but I have to sell my M3 first which hopefully won’t be too hard but then you never know. Oh and I’m moving house, I’ve just been reminded!!!