Newbie intro

Hi everyone, just popped in to say hi and announce my recent entry to Exige ownership. After searching around for my next toy over the last few months, looking at Nobles, S2Ks and Elises/Exige - I simply found the stunning looks and value for money of an S1 Exige too much to resist. The itch has been scratched and I should pick up the new purchase in a couple of weeks. It’ll join my Scooby Classic and cross-flow caterham - both of which provide high grin factor. I’m hoping that the Exige will provide similar exercise for the facial muscles.

You’ve done the right thing! I used to have an X-flow Westfield SEi and can say that my Exige is a lot more fun (not to mention the looks )

Welcome stu!

Whereabouts in Hampshire are you?

We have an gathering in Croft on the 28th April, it should be quite a gathering if you’re interested (see Trackday section). If you think the Exige is special now, wait until you get it on track!


Hi Ian - I’m in Basingstoke. April 28th - I’ll check the diary…

Hi Ian - I’m in Basingstoke.

Me too! Well, just outside, doesn’t anybody actually live in Basingstoke?

That makes at least three with Turner. Let me know if you fancy a beer some time?

Cheers, Ian

welcome stu its a great site here and the choice of car tops what colour?

welcome to stuh