New wheel options

I’m searching for a new set of wheels for the S2 exige and I found that Revolution Wheels do a nice tried and tested fitment of their CR10 7.5x16, 8.5x17 available for order in matte black or matte black with silver lip.

Yesterday they came back to me with another option.
A wheel called TC5. Never heard of it, and google can’t find anything either.
I got a render that looks really good I think. But I can only get it in Mystic Silver (whatever that is)

So black CR10(middle)or silver TC5 (bottom) for a Yellow S2(top😁)

I prefer the look of the tc5. I would find out how heavy they are. You can also get Team Dynamics wheels for the s2. I would see how heavy they are. My original S2 wheels need a crane to lift them,

Would be TC5 of those two.

As already mentioned, you need to know if they are saving you any weight.

They’ll be heavier than the forged ones on the car now that’s for sure.
But I get these mainly for track use to save the forged originals. They’re also an inch wider at 7.5 and 8.5.
The only thing I’m not sure about is the colour, silver wheels on a yellow car might not give a very aggressive look. I might be wrong though.

Colour easily fixed for about £30 per wheel which is not significant against the cost of track days.

Around here prices start at €120 / wheel for stripping and powder coat.
I think the TC5 would look great in “brake dust” grey.

Ouch, that a lot. Maybe Revolution could ship them to a local wheel shop in the uk and then out to you?

I’ll ask them.
They might even have an established partnership.

If not, anyone here who can recommend a wheel refurbisher near Ollerton?