New Track Date

Anyone interested in a day at Donnington on Tuesday 9th Oct.It,s short notice but it will be small numbers & open pit lane �200.00for the day.

YES YES YESWho’s running it.Where do I sign ?

quote:YES YES YESI don’t know, any excuse to get on your favourite track! [image][/image] You just want to get some practice in so you can woop us all on the 31st! [image][/image] If nothing else, you should be able to show us all how it�s done by then! [image][/image]

This is very true Tony. Not only that, but it’s SO convenient for me, as I’m close to J18 M1 and Donington is just of J23aI wouldn’t mind giving Bedford Autodrome a bash though

Tomorrow’s Trakday Donnington 9th Oct.Sorry for the delay in posting this.It’s now going to be too late for some of you, but I have just checked it out with Willie Green the organiser & your welcome to turn up in morning track opens 9.00am very informal day. But you have to be sensibleI have done many days with Willie & they are the best fun you can have. Hope you can make it.