New to the Group!

Hello from Long Island, NY! Got my S240 back in Aprile, and just found this page. It’s stock other than a smaller SC pulley, upgraded intercooler hoses, and Radium Oil Catch Can. Absolutely love this car. Wanted one since thet came to the States, finally pulled the trigger and glad I did!



I love that colour, shame the front plate is so big and covers so much of the grill.

Welcome along! Great to have you along with us!

Welcome :+1:t2:

Thanks guys! Yes living in New York sucks, because they require a front plate. She needs a bath, and to be driven, but it’s either been threatening rain or raining every weekend.

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Nevet get tired of looking at her though. Still can’t believe she’s in my garage!

We have to have a front plate too.

Are there state defined sizes for your plates?