New (to me) Type 25


I bumped into Andy at the Reindeer Inn meet today (Sturton le Steeple), so said I would say hello here.

I’ve just picked up my 2nd Lotus; 1st Exige. It’s a monster! Love it. I’ll be at Lotus in the Peak tomorrow in it. Do say hello if you spot me.


See you there


Thanks for taking the time to register Mike! Great picture.

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very special car those T25 430 cups​:wink::wink:

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Yeah, I saw one at Central Lotus but I was not ready at that time. But then, when it went I was sad. The other one became available so I thought I’d better do the deed this time. I came up for your open day earlier in the year (was in the Emira) - can’t get enough of these Lotus things at the moment! :grinning:

Welcome to Andy’s mad house.

I’m away now and missing LitP, have a good day.

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Did you chat to the guys I know? one was Will with the yellow Emira and the other was Andy with the Titanium S1 Elise.

Not knowingly, though there were about 170 cars there I believe. It was an absolutely fantastic day.

At the Reindeer Inn or LitP? Keep meaning to nip down to that pub meet - Andy and Will were at Sturton le Steeple and said they’d seen some other Lotus cars.

Ah, sorry, got mixed up - quite probably then! There were about 15 or so cars at The Reindeer on Saturday - nice mix. Also good Pizza. Paul who organises it is an incredibly nice chap. The 170ish was at LiTP.

Pic from Simon Brough on Facebook. I hope he doesn’t mind me repurposing it for people here.