New to Lotus Brand

As a new guy to the lotus Brand , what do you guys use if you do not carry spare tyres ?

The emergency self-inflating one found under the passenger seat!

Or you could use the tyre faom found next to the radiator

The foam doesn’t really work if it’s past a certain date. And you’ll never check it or change it right? until you need to use it.
I went for the bike plug kit that so many compabies sell, including BMW (for their bikes).
Haven’t had to use it yet, but in bikes it works very well (and no mess to clean out later).


I was advised to buy another puncture foam inflator, as the one supplied with the car only half inflates a deflated rear

Well, only drive at half speed then, Yorkie!

Trouble is thats all I do

thank you for the replys , how many of you are interested in a product that goes in the tyre before you get a puncture , i have tested a low cost product in my ralling with good results, We will be running in our car on all rallies next year