New stretched elise platform?

A members of the Lotus Esprit mailing list
posted this, the car was in Germany for some reason. It’s probably an design idea so whether it’ll be released or not I don’t know.

Could be interesting though. They’re supposed to be releasing a 2x2 at some point, something like 240BHP in a 1-tonne car based on a stretched elise platform I think. Whether it’ll ever happen or not
remains to be seen.

Here it is embedded.


Nice! Works for me!

That looks like a real car, not some Photoshop effort.


me to IDG

It looks like a Rx8, 350Z, TT beater to me…

All have those have gone down a storm Rox! It wouldn’t even have to beat them overall to sell a load, as long as it’s handling was on top they’d shift it.


yeh but…

can they sell it for �30k ?? … don’t know what the boxter crowd would make of it - depends on build quality and after-sales support i guess…

Not exactly drop dead gorgeous, but RX8 looks

Hmmmn design input from Proton tho’

I appreciate that these things are highly subjective, but the styling leaves me cold – looks very blande.