New stablemate for the S1........

Well it’s been a long day after a 400+ mile round trip to collect the new family bus. Also collected some new boots for the Exige, thanks to Simon Scott Russell :+1:

NICE :clap: Great set of wheels. Get’em on :mrgreen:

What wheels are those Compo’s?

Speedline Corse - quick clean, test fit & weigh-in before they head off for a refurb:

Rimstock + A048 = F17.8kg / R21.35kg
Speedline + AD08R = F16.3kg / R19.2kg

Total saving 7.3kg

Nice saving [mention]SCNomad[/mention] :muscle:

Love those wheels on the S1. Looking good.

Not sure if they suit a black car. Listen, out the goodness of my heart I’ll take them of your hands, PM me :smiley:

Way too heavy JF :wink:

:lolno: no regrets

:rofl: You guys… How about a trade; my car for yours and out of the goodness of my heart I’ll throw in the wheels???

Oh, those wheels. The black would look just perfect against yellow

Ok fine :blush: :smiley:

I like your new family van but I may me biased as I’m also driving a VW T5 as the family car. Although ours is a less luxury, ordinary long wheel base Transporter. I’m a big fan of the VW Transporter, they are relaxing to drive on long journeys with plenty of room inside.

Thanks Klaus, I’ve wanted a VW Transporter for years, so it’s great to be finally in a position to get one. We almost went for a 4x4 Audi/BMW/Land Rover etc. Luckily I came to my senses and went for a transporter, as much more practical for trips away/mountain biking/camping etc. I’ll eventually get a tow bar and trailer for the hauling the S1 around. It’s certainly more relaxing to drive and strangely I’m seem content diving slower with less urgency/road-rage :rofl:

Just had a closer look. Love the added colour and abt enhancements