New scale model released

Nice to see you back Mr Pesky. Have you stopped upsetting our US friends now


I sincerely hope that I’ve not - can’t wait for them to start discussing parking sensors

I followed the thread and did chuckle.

Woohoo! Wife got me this, very pleased with it…




Very nice, I haven’t seen one with the stripes before

Beware, the body is a little bit fragile if you’re going to be crashing it into your furniture

This is my new Exige


Ooh. What’s that one? Is that the AutoArt model?

Cool…I’ve just pur a wood floor down in the house, that would be perfect fot it …where did you get that one from? Want one…

I got it from ebay.

and the Kyosho website is here

Thanks for the tip, Peapod. I’ve just bought a few of these in various colours.

Yours looks orange in the picture, but as far as I can tell, they only come in yellow, black and silver. Is yours actually yellow?

where did you get them ?

In answer to the 2 questions above,

Bendan, it is an orangy yellow and was described as orange, but I think it is the yellow version.

Speedluvver, for where I got it from see my previous post.


I was bidding on a yellow Kyosho one yesterday and forgot, it went for �4.40.Damn!

I was bidding on a yellow Kyosho one yesterday and forgot, it went for �4.40.Damn!

That’s a fortune to a Jock

I bought mine on Ebay as well.

It seems they Kyosho have an interesting way of selling them; They only produce limited numbers, and you buy them a bit like football cards, you don’t know what car you’re getting. The packaging shows it’s one of a range of different British cars, Lotus, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Austin Healey. The Japanese kids buy them and swap with their friends to complete the set.

Obviously when you buy them from Ebay, the sellers have to open the box first to check the contents.