new S2 Exige??

Nipped into my dealer on the weekend to book in the exige for ss exhaust, CAT bypass, shortshifter. After chatting with the sales director for a while he let me in on a little secret, seems Lotus have found that s1 owners are not trading up to the s2 because of the lack of difference between models (power wise) therefore a new variant of the Elise S2 is about to be unveiled. He was very secretive about the whole thing and wouldnt give much away, insisting that it will not be an S2 Exige, but im not so sure. I wonder if this has anything to do with what you chaps saw at Hethel (whatever it was, I missed the pics!) They’ve said there going to have a demo by 7/8 June…sounds interesting whatever it is. Anyone heard anything about this?

Sounds as though he’s talking about the new S2 ‘160’ - see the road test in this week’s Autocar.

Have a look at My “created” S2 ExigeYou need to scroll to the bottom…I created it with Photoshop… [image][/image][This message has been edited by xsaravtr (edited 23 May 2002).]

I missed the sneak ‘spy shot’ of the Exige Mk2/whatever is was. Could somebody please send me a picture? Pretty please?[email protected]

it is past the 8th. Has there been no more info on this?

Could they have just been talking about the new 111S?

Herd through a freind of a freind, who works down at Hethal,that he’s been working on development of a new car, which is due for production some time 2003, as to what the new modle is he’s not for letting on yet.Dave

I can concur what Dave says, they ARE working on a new chassis for a new car in 2003, but I heard it was to replace the Esprit…DeanoBTW: I could tell you more, but then I would have to kill you!! [image][/image]