New S2 Easter weekend - can't wait!

Hi there I m new to the forum but the reason is I just ordered the following:

S2 Exige, Storm titanium, touring, sports exhaust, from stock so 1 week from ordering to putting on the exhaust and delivery, but 1 week too long!

Is there a frustrating running in proceedure?


WTF - running in ??? - joke right ???

but seriously - most of us just drove it non-stop until we had done the miles !!!

As mentioned previously, stick with the running in proceedure per the Manual. The ECU stores info - including max revs per each gear, & this is definately downloaded when there is a warranty claim (or at other times perhaps?). This is FACT not fiction - so beware!

This used to include how many standing starts you have done, apparently they have at least stopped doing this.

Had My new Exige in for it’s first service in January
The dealer’s mechanic showed me the print out that�s sent to lotus, It logged standing starts, Max RPM, Top speed and
heap of other stuff on three feet of paper that resembled a miniature bog roll.

Just for interest sake what would people feel about this running in procedure:

"Your vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But following a few simple tips for the first 600 miles can add to the future economy and long life of the vehicle:

Avoid full throttle acceleration when starting and driving.

Avoid racing the engine.

Do not drive slowly with the manual transmission in a high gear.

Do not drive for a long time at any single speed, either fast or slow.

Not to onerous eh?.. well this is the running in procedure for the 2ZZ-GE in my T Sport company barge. Now I’m no expert but assuming Toyota provide the engines to Lotus in the same bench tested state, then it does make you think, or am I missing something (quite likely!)
Dont get me wrong I was suprised at the above, though not surprised at the dealers comment “no running in required just get out and rag it”… I ignored both and was sensible about the whole thing. But if Lotus were to refuse a claim for an odd lapse of concentration it would seem a bit harsh bearing in mind the manufacturers reccomendations.


That’s “standard” running in proceedure for most new cars, & to be frank, it’s how I’ve always run my cars in - except I follow the above for around 1000 miles.

For my “performance cars”, I always change the oil at around 1000 miles too, then again every 2500 to 3000 miles with a couple of trackdays included in those figures. For the sake of �40 (top quality oil & new filter) I much prefer to be on the safe side

…& to be frank, …


THat what you say to VV ??


That’s “standard” running in proceedure for most new cars,

That’s the point I’m making Pesky, whilst I agree totaly that more care is needed in running in a performance engine, the fact remains that the engine in my T Sport is as far as I’m aware virtualy identical to the S2. I think it would be a bit rich of Lotus therefore to deny a warranty claim on the basis of maybe one lapse of concentration when running in, considering the manufacturers reccomendations for the same engine?

I think it’s just a cover their ass, if someone does treat it like sh1t, you know, redlining it when stone cold, loads of harsh starts and then come back and say “hey, this engine’s broke” they can sya you drove it like a t0sser

Remember Lotus isn’t quite a big as Mr T.

But modern engines really don’t need any running in, the parts are so well made! The Kawasaki superbikes that my dad works with do not run in at all, maybe about 50 - 100 road miles to make sure it’s not going to detonate but otherwise it’s straight out of the crate and giving full load!

Well, I ve put 250 miles on her since picking her up yesterday (Saturday), and today did 3 or 4 accelerations upto 8000 + rpm once fully heated up. (the cam shift is very noticeable - seems like you wait an age as the revs climb thru 3-4-5-6 thou and hit the sweet spot, of course in proper driving youd keep it on the boil all the time.

The handling is simply fantastic: the feel, grip and controllability of the attitude and slide of the car through corners! The fun is addictive.

Stage 2 exhaust is loud on the mway but on the open road is miles beter than the standard sound which on the test car sounded very weak and characterless. Love the pops and bangs.

Pic - a bit small, but you get the idea!

web page

and another

exige side view

nice… wish you well with her…

welcome top

Super - looks good in the dark, doesn’t it !!

Thanks guys !