New S2 - 750mile report

Hi - Picked up my S2 (Storm Titanium/Perf Pack) on Wednesday, done 750 over 3 days, just got back home, aching and slightly deaf…

A great car - just started dipping into the power and it’s more than enough for British roads - a fantastic little car.

My other car (which I previously thought was a great handling, powerful little motor) now feels like a bus. Small boys drooling in countryside villages, camera phones being pointed out of every car on the motorway but I’ve spent so much time driving I’ve hardly had time to look at it myself.

Only minor grumbles to be sorted at the first service (so far) - all in all I would recommend one to anyone, if you are hesitating, go for it.

Will post more + pictures once I’ve recovered

Hi and welcome!

Good choice on the colour and pack.

Are you really aching? I’ve always found mine amazingly comfortable.

What’s the other car and inparticular what niggles have you had?


oh yes - I’m aching

I’m fairly tall and have wide shoulders so 6 hours at a time in the car have an effect - although it’s mainly due to me being unfit I think - in general I’m more comfortable than in my other cars, just some pressure on my right hip from my leg being bent up on the throttle and a sore neck.

My other car (now the bus) is a Focus ST170 which was a trade down from a 911 - the Exige feels like a missile compared to both but it’s mainly intended as a replacement for the mk1 MR2 track car that I had up until last year (arse first into the barrier at Graham Hill).

Niggles so far are mainly cosmetic (some interior trim damaged on picking it up), only mechanical issues are that the brakes are groaning at low speed braking, only started since I had to perform an emergency stop from around 60mph and occasionally stalling when creeping forward in traffic - giving it a more boot solves it but the ecu does seem to get a little confused.

off to the paris motor show now, will post pics of the car when back. good weekend all.

although it’s mainly due to me being unfit I think

Another one with a big arse?
Some excercise should see you fit.

And as a side effect you’ll resist longer…

…the mk1 MR2 track car that I had up until last year…

You didn’t put it in the barrier by the clubhouse at Oulton too did you? A white one did on one of our days.

I hope you have better luck with the Exige.


Small number of photos shared here…

Doesn’t really pick up the colour quite right - there’s a hint of brown in the metallic in strong light.

1k miles now - being serviced on Friday - if someone could have a word and make sure that the roads between Bristol and London are clear next Saturday that would be a big help

Did another 250 mile run and am amazed at how comfortable it is even with the perf pack.