New Racepak Dash Display Installed



Ok Guy’s I have been putting off posting this up for the 2 months i have had this in the car because i wanted to make sure all was ok and it worked as i had expected. To answer the initial questions:

  1. Yes it works with all the sensors currently in the car.
  2. Yes it comes with oil temperature sensor, and oil pressure sensor.
  3. it is very much like wiring in an emerald, just cut and solder.
  4. You can see it in any light, in fact it is better in direct sunlight.
  5. The carbon cowl needs some more fettling to have rounded edges at the back, but when i try to do 2 rounded sides i keep sanding them down to get them the same and end up with a piece much smaller than i started with so i i will get around to it soon.

Some details on the dash:

Fully street legal, with high beam, flicker and odo. Does fuel level and MPH or KM/h. is according to GPS and gearing which i know is correct, accurate to within 2 km/h at the worst, it uses the stack wheel speed sensor which you calibrate by driving 1km or 1 mile depending on your setting and it sorts all the rest out from there.

The swept bar is actually not that bad to read, it currently reads to 13K only because i like to have the 9000RPM section right in the centre, but can be set to read to any value.

Warning lights are configurable with a display in the corner and external warning lights, as well as the indicators on the left and the right. It drives an external shift light and can control the cooling fan as well.

And now for the best part, price for the complete kit is $695. All that is needed to complete the install is a oil temp adpator for the sump plug and a run of wiring. All the other wires are already at the stack unit. And obviously it a 1cm larger than the stack on either side a new cowl.

A web site with infor on the dash is available here, Racepak

I have the 250-DS-UDXSR. Any questions are welcome, it is really really good value, has all info directly in front of you, the alpha display is easily read and you can not miss any warnings.

I like the look of that.

I’d be interested to know how easy it is to fit (having all the wires there already is only half the battle )

Have to enlarge the opening slightly on each side so that the harnesses can clear and that’s it really, took us an hour to get it in place with a thin aluminium t-bracket bolted to the std mounting points.

If you want one Mr Admin, i can see about putting together all the bits for you, it will be cheap, somewhere in the region of 6 MILIION POUNDS for me havinbg figured it out, and 2 POUNDS for parts and instruction

Ok seriously, not that bad if you are ok with with cutting the dash slightly, the stack das cowl will cover it up again if you ever want to put it back, i checked that, so can be removed at any time.

I’ll give you a hand MrAdmin

I Like the look of it too very


And, for my little project, good to know the LED on the steering binncle is visable whilst driving.