New plug for wheel speed sensor?

…I’m now 80% confident that the cause of my 5500rpm limiter cutting in is dirty connections on my wheel speed sensor plug.Not being totally happy with how clean i can get them,i purchased a new waterproof plug with the idea that i can take additional measures to ensure it stays water/dust/moisture tight from the outset.Does anyone out there have any views on cutting off the standard Lotus plug and replacing it with another type?Obviously it will still be a '3-pin’type,but are there any other things that i should be aware of before making the first cut?(I didn’t buy a new plug from Lotus because a)it didn’t seem very good and,b)the female side is only available as part of a new loom!)Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

SiI would use the 4 pin “Mini Sureseal” connector from ITT Cannon that you can get from RS.This is a proper IP67 small connector used on ABS systems etc I used them when I made a loom for my sprint Mini and they are absolute relaible, just add a bit of grease or electrolube when you push them together.

Problem is your gonna run out of wire when you cut the old connectors off, that means extending whats left somewhat, I seems to recall theres not much free play …

Many thanks for your reply Andy…Sorry to be nieve,but who are ‘RS’? (i assume ITT Cannon are the manufacturer).Also,do you suggest a 4-pin as that is the smallest they come in or do i need 4 pins?..Oh, and good point on available cable length,i hadn’t thought of that!!

I think this is a bold move to cut off the old plug…but a proper waterproof connector would be the way to go…I seem to remember thats what the IP standard relates to?Regarding cable length rather than cut the cable where it enters the back of the plug you may as well cut open the plug and “save” as much cable length as possible - just cut off the crimped connectors (assuming they are crimped and not compatible with the new connector.RS are RS components - a major distributor of electronic goodies - You only need a 3 pin connector there is one as recommended…they are 95p each… stock no. price each 1-49 50-99 2 way 341-2967 �0.69 �0.67 3 way 341-2973 �0.95 �0.90 4 way 341-2989 �1.09 �1.04 The Mini Sure-Seal range of connectors offers all the advantages of the ITT Sure-Seal product but with reduced size. The compact design coupled with resistance to brake fluid, anti-freeze, fuels and steam cleaning enables the connector to be used in any harsh environment area of the vechicle.technical specification Plug and receptacle material Perbunan or Nitrile-Butadiene rubber Contact material Copper alloy, tin lead plate Current 16A Contact resistance 10m� max. Insulation resistance 100M� min. Operating temperature -40�C to +105�C Environmental sealing IP67 (DIN 40050) Durability 50 cycles Salt spray MIL-STD-202D, method 101D Humidity 95% at 95�C/1000 hours Industrial gas MIL-C-23216 Sounds good to me!Note: Contacts must be ordered separatelyDimensions A B C D 8�2 9�6 13�4 16�3 8�8 10�4 14�3 13�4 8�8 11 15 13�4 Cross Reference to Manufacturer’s Part No. ITT Cannon Part No. RS Stock No. 120-8552-100 341-2967 120-8552-101 341-2973 120-8552-102 341-2989 Related Products ITT & Mini Sure-Seal ContactsSure-Seal & Mini-Sure-Seal Tooling

Steve,thanks for your reply.I’ve gotta say that if YOU think cutting off the original plug is a “bold move”…then perhaps i should reconsider!!The level of info. that you provided is waaay over my head.I’m going to be relying on a competent auto electrician to carry out the surgery for me…is there a way i can ensure i’m ordering the correct bits ( 'contacts must be ordered separately’for example bothers me!)

SiI may have one left over - I’ll take a look and let you know !

Great…thanks Andy