New owner

Hi all - I’ve been lurking on here for a while and now finally bought an Exige to add to my Sport 160. Travelled up to Glasgow and drove back down to Danbury/Essex yesterday having bought Koopa’s chrome orange car - a truly wonderful machine!!

Took it fairly easy coming back as it’s on 048’s and there weren’t many dry patches of road - still only took 7 hours though!


048’s are much better in the wet than you’d expect.


People take the p*ss out of me for having a standard S1 Elise and an S1 Exige because they think they are similar (how wrong they are!).

But a Sport 160 and an Exige… That’s getting closer!

It does make it harder to deice which car to go out in I must say…

048’s seem fine - I was expecting to have a slide here and there but if you’re sensible they seem ok. The more I drive on them, though, the more I push them - at some point they’re gonna give!!