New owner

Well, after a few false dawns, I’ve finally got myself an exige.

s2, chrome orange with performance pack. absolutely magic and totally addictive. 2 months old and well run in, so up for some immediate action. [sorry for the poor guy who had to trade in so quickly]

tried both s1 and s2. both great cars, each with individual attributes.

hope to join in a few track days next year. now to get those brakes sorted…MMC in Edinburgh claim the brake fix has been done already, but still a good 3cm of travel before the brakes bite. how does that compare to others? would some new pads make a difference? Any other suggested fixes?


Chrome Orange
Thats what I’ve got on order. Got any photos? Got to wait till Dec/Jan for mine

Hello Dennis. Nice choice of car.

Pagid pads, and braided hoses wil lhelp with the pedal feel as well.

Join Lotus on Track if you intend doing a few track days next year. Good bunch of lads and a lot cheaper than most of the other track organisers.

Good choice Denis…welcome.

Oh yes certainly the best colour even very nice on an S2

here we go again etc…

colour’s clearly a subjective [and surprisingly emotive!] topic, but in general i think the bright/light colours work well on the s2 in particular because of the amount of black detailing [ardent red also looks great in the plastic].

the performance pack seats don’t seem to add much over standard, but they look and feel a bit more special along with the harnesses.

back to those brakes…

Good choice!
P-pack is the way forward you will be very thankful for the harnesses come track use.
Are you Edinburgh based?

As far as the brakes are concerned MMC are not very consistent with their service.
They denied the fix was available, until I beat them over the head with a bat. Then they phoned Lotus and did the fix. Heard recently on hear they are now claiming its dangerous!
I have had the fix and it makes a world of difference, from your description either the fix has not been applied or the adjustment could be re-done as pad wear will effect the dead travel.

thanks Jamie, yes based in Edinburgh.

I was a bit bemused by MMC’s explanation of why the fix was not a proper solution - they seem concerned that the pads will be too close to the disk [hence “on” all the time], but is that not what’s required to remove the pedal travel [or am i showing my basic mechanical ignorance here?]

I’ll probably have another go at it next time I’m there.

Do a search in the S2 section for ‘Brake Fix’ you will find the exact fix posted on here. If you have to, show them that.

If you are interested might try and sort out a small run some weekend - if its ever dry