New owner

Hi Guys

I’ve just become an Exige owner, picking up my car yesterday from Nick Whale. I’ve done almost 200 miles so far and haven’t stopped grinning the whole time!!!

I’ve wanted to buy one ever since I drove one at a Palmersport Motorsport Sensation day last November and I plan to get on the track soon and start to learn what the car is really capable of.

The forum has been really helpful so far and I plan to be an active member over the coming months


Welcome and contgratulations.


ps. Your login will not work again until you post photos:)

David, I rather like your taste in cars! Miles of smiles await


Hi David, which one did you buy from Nick Whales?

I was planning to pop down and have a look - I assume it was either the Aqua one @ �28k or the Titanium one?

Well done David, you won’t regret it one bit