New Owner

New owner(s) and new to the group/web. Made my husband fork out half towards the blue beast
Got to get used to eating beans on toast for awhile…but then thats all I can cook !!
Still any weight loss can only improve performance (of car!!)

Elaine 1/2 exige owner

Welcome to the club

Hi & welcome

Where in the UK are you?

If you are in thee NW, why not get along to Oulton Park on the 15th July & meet a few fellow Exige owners If you’re not driving the circuit yourselves, there will be the opportunity for passenger rides - you will then appreciate the capability of the car in its natural environment

Yep Elaine welcome aboard - you’ll never leave!! - purgatory all part of Exige ownership fun - sold a kidney (not mine tho’!) to finance my lil monster

Hi Elaine, Welcome!

As Pesky says, hope to see you at Oulton (details at ).
You’ll be grinning from ear to ear for weeks


PS - Simon, I need my kidney back!

We are in the Basingstoke area, Oulton Park is just a bit far away… perhaps another time.Is this a Lotus Exige get together or a general track day? Do you know of any meets further South or in the Midlands?
Elaine & Simon

E & S

It’s a general trackday organised by -highly recommended & used by many Exige/Elise owners

Mr P
Just had a look on the track day booking web page , saw your car what a fine choise of colour !!! We are concerned with the 190 upgrade and a Lotus sports exhaust (oval tail pipe) and an MOT approaching do you know whether it will pass the emission and and noise regs ??
E & S

E & S out of interest where did you buy the blue beastie from - private or dealer?

Simon E

Brought from a dealer, hard to find and wanted a lazer blue one.

If its not a rude question…:wink:

Can I ask how much you paid??

What price is true love!!
Reading recent mails I believe it could have been the one you missed earlier this month…
E & S