New owner....

…and must say pleased as punch! Fun little car and now realise that I can do with a bit more errrr power (never get enough!) Questions:

  1. Does anyone know cost comparisons for NOS v Supercharger?
  2. It has a “squeak” when the back wheels go over a speedhump - anyone know what this is?


charger �9.5k, NOS hundreds, driver training hundreds, but worth thousands!!!

Cheers - 9.5K ouch! Looks the NOS is the go.

did the driver training at 17 (pressie from the parents - “breaking & turning” - everyone can accelerate!) never crashed a car and now 29 - hasn’t helped the insurance cost though - ouch!

NOS is not the way to go unless you want to blow the engine, the K series will not handle it very well, sorry
Have a look at the Honda conversions as well, similar price to the charger but loads more benefits.

The squeek at the back is the famous Exige “yip”, if you aint got one there is something wrong

Johno - big welcome - NOS is a big no no - plenty of power for general needs in t’Exige