New owner with a couple of questions ?

After longing for an Exige for ages, i recently took the plunge and bought a 05 S2 N/A in starlight black and the softie Touring pack with Lotus stage 2 exhuast and ( Lotus ECU upgrade that brings in the performance cam @ 6250 rpm ? ). I absolutely love it !!

I recently did a novice track day at Brands Hatch with Motorsport Vision, but being my first time i didn’t want to chuck my new car into the gravel traps, so i used my trusty old Subaru Impreza sportwagon, which was great fun, but instantly i regretted not taking the Exige.

I have since booked a track day at Snetterton on the 24th with Motorsport Vision again. After hearing some of the cars at Brands, i feel confident that my exige will pass the stationary 3/4 revs noise test ?? Also i am booked on a EVO track day at Bedford Autodrome in August but the noise limits here appear to be a lot more strict, 101 dB(A) static .5m @ 3/4 revs and 87.5 dB (A) drive by at 20 metres.

My questions are; Do they have a set point where your drive by dB tests are or is it random ? E.g you can make allowances for it ? And, does anybody out there have a similar set up to my car and have experience of these dB checks ??
I know that you can take your car to track days and they will obligingly do a noise test, but due to work, time, weather and distance factors this is proving tricky !

Any information and advice would be gratefully recieved.

Congrats on the Exige, you won’t regret it.

I have not had a Stage 2 myself, but I have read many times on forums it is to loud for sub-100db trackdays.

Congrats on the purchase - they’re brilliant fun! Not sure about the noise limit but general forum consensus is stage 2 is too loud for most days. Also, make sure your cam change is slightly lower- it should be 5700 with the ECU reflash. 6250 is standard.

This is good to know as I was about to ask the same question! (just bought a car with the stage 2 exhaust as well…).

Guess its just the ‘loud’ track days until the car is made a little quieter then…!

Yep Stage 2 is just too loud, way to loud. If you want to track it though do the niose day at Donny later this month. Loads and load of run off and a great easy track to drive, at laest you’d get a good drive without any worries. Book-a-Track are well organised also.

I’ve just fitted a 2bular, it looks great, sounds good passing a 98db noise limit, really basey, got better through out the day as it bedded in.


Thanks to everyone who replied, your answers were most helpful. And to Jez_o you are quite right the performance cam does kick in @ 5700, i was being a bit absent minded when i put 6250, well spotted !
I guess then i am going to either have to go to “noisy” days or get a different exhaust system. Hmmm.

If you’re ok with the spanners, there will be plenty of original exhausts knocking around as everyone seems to replace them!! You could change it just for trackdays and put the noisy beast back on for the road.