New owner s2 exige

just purchased a s2 exige
know very little about them so i have alot of learning to do
i usually do alot of trackdays using an ecort rs turbo,and the exige will be there if the escort is broken
havent driven the car properly yet,its parked up for now and as it was on a sorn i dragged it back on the trailer

Are there any meets hampshire/berkshire area?

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Welcome :+1:

Tell us more about the car, model, spec?

If using in track, change to a baffled sump and check the rear toe links.

Any questions or advice, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi, congrats on your purchase :+1:
Whereabouts do you live? We have a small group of Lotus owners Southampton/New Forest way if you want to come along to one of our meets in the New Year.

im in basingstoke so not too far away

its a roger becker one,was on autotrader for absolute ages and eventually managed to get a good deal on it,picked it up xmas eve
im looking at taking it to scott russell sports cars for a service before i start to use it


I think your nearest meets may be the newlands corner brekkie meets. Not sure how far that is from you…and welcome too!

Pics when you’re ready :ok_hand:

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