New owner S1 Exige


Just thought I should introduce myself. I previously owned an S1 Elise prior to a couple TVRs , Porsche, and a bit of time hillclimbing a single seater.

I recently owned an Evora Sport 410 but fancied going historic racing so put it up for sale however i put the racing plans on hold when i was offered the Exige as a private part ex…

The car was originally Silver but was repainted by the previous owner in a metallic white. Its in superb condition with a DVA rebuilt VHPD K on ITBs , Verniers, ECU, Exhaust etc…Its got bilsteins on it and a big brake kit amongst some other subtle upgrades…

Looking forward to some better weather but enjoying it so far…

Will update more in due course…

Cheers, Ed


Welcome fantastic looking S1. Is it the one from the Absolute Lotus feature recently? I always think the Exige looks great in white. Keep sharing the updates and enjoy huge amount of info within the forum and some very knowledgeable owners (not me!)

Cheers James

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Hi Ed,
I know that car! Are you based oop North? Or has it travelled far from home?

Feels like all S1’s live up north nowadays :smile::smile:

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Hi. Yes I’m oop nurth… North Leeds near Otley so close to Lotus driving roads…

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Not been in Absolute Lotus, ( that was poss Jonnys car from Performance Autocare ). Mines more metallic white/silver/grey in colour…

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I am feeling a northern meeting coming in spring!

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I may have posted this in the past but I recall a Nyloc meeting where 10 (or was it 11?) Exige S1s lined up No picture evidence unfortunately.

You’ll be dropping in on a Nyloc meeting then, Ed?

Welcome and great looking Exige. They look fantastic in white.

The white one at Performance Autocare that was in Absolute Lotus was my 1st S1 which I had between 2002 and 2007. Dave Porter bought it and fitted a Honda and painted it white. Originally it was titanium.

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I’m up for a trip up in Spring :+1:

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Deffo not wanting to gatecrash an Exigesdotcom party but if a boatload of S1s want to come along to one of NYLOC’s twice monthly meetings near Leeds we’d be very happy to welcome you. We got 3 in November!


That satsuma looks bob on :ok_hand:

Hi. Yes i will do…Say hello if you spot me…Cheers

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Will do!

Beautiful car!! Looks good in white.