New owner of a 410 Sport


After many years away from the brand I have returned to the fold with an S3 Exige 410 Sport that I picked up from Lotus Silverstone. It appears I have a lot of catching up to do and I’m sure I’ll be asking a lot of questions in the near future :smiley:



That looks fantastic fella! What are the initial impressions? What did you have before?

Stunning looking car :sunglasses:, enjoy! :+1::+1:

Welcome, lovely example - looking forward to reading more about it and your Lotus history :thumbup:

Thanks :smiley:

I guess my Lotus addiction started with an S1 Elise 135 Sport. That then became an S1 Exige which I held on to for quite a while before selling it to start my own Company. I then dabbled in some bigger stuff before trying an S3 Elise 220 Cup. That was pretty cool. I sold that to play with Ginetta for a couple of years and then packed that in and moved into a GTR. Finally recognising I miss the Lotus and bought the 410 Exige.

Initial impressions - I can’t stop grinning when I’m driving it. Love it.

I started my Lotus addiction with a S1 Elise 135 Sport too, it was the phase 2 edition with the Matt black filler cap, etc, I loved that car!

Interesting car movement. The GTR would have been a complete opposite the the previous lotus I would have thought?

Ha, you’re not wrong…great car though.

Heyup Rich - I recognise that photo :thumbup:

Also, Carbon Black swoon

Very nice Relliker
Look forward to seeing your journey with it :ok_hand: