New Owner -Advice Please

Running in new S2 Exige - looking forward to trackdays including Donington - a few queries - looking for advice:

1.Handbook says 29 all round for tyre pressures - looked at previous thread - most of you run less than that - it that only for track? What about road pressures?

2.Slight vibration through steering wheel from upwards of 80 - do I assume wheel balancing needs checked?

3.Hitting uneven road surfaces at speed feels as if it’s giving the suspension a terrific pounding. Does it? - if so, do you check geometry regularly?

thanks, Brian J

Hi Brian

Nice new motor eh… Hope you are enjoying it.

When I was at KH at the S2 exige launch with Matt Becker and Hyla Breeze, they ran 29psi all round all day and said they never alter it. It was probably the wettest day I ever saw at KH… so you can imagine how wet it was.

The S1 runs 23 front and 26 rear which is a bit lower but its also most of 200kgs lighter so that maybe makes the difference. Also at track on A048 tyres I try to keep them around this hot - which translates to more like 17-21 ish cold. BUt its a case of play around and see what works best for you.

  1. Vibration sounds most like wheel balance but is it possible something is a wee bit loose ?

  2. Suspension is pretty hard but I think its more compliant than S1 so guess you’ll have to live with the teeth jarrings ? It is worth getting the geo checked reasonably regularly… but wear rate/pattern on the A048’s is a good (if expensive ) indicator. You’ll use up a pair of rears about every 3-6k miles and fronts should last about twice that… depending on track-day activities

CLCM in Edinburgh are excellent and cheap.

See you at East Fortune in March


  1. For road use my hand book says 1.8 bar front (26lbs), 2.0 bar rear (29lbs). Nothing about track pressures though.
  2. Yes, get it checked. I’ve had balancing weights fall off twice now.
  3. Noisewise it depends what car you’ve come from. The Exige will seem noisier/harsher at first. Take it a bit easier over really bad road surfaces, its not what the car’s designed for after all. If you’ve hit a kerb, or ride the kerbs on track its worth checking, the odd bumpy road shouldnt cause a problem though, especially having only covered running in miles.

If the bump made you wince, stop, get out to check if anything fell off…get the geo checked.


Hi Brian,

Welcome to Exige ownership! On your questions:

  1. I use the recommended 29 road, but find a bit lower, say around 24 is best on track. I know some people go quite a bit lower than that for track use.

  2. Does sound just like wheel balance. If you are picky like me make sure they put on black weights to match the wheels.

  3. I actually find the Exige to be pretty supple - if anything it is less harsh than my Elise S2 135 was - but then I live in the Borders wher ethe roads are generally very good and almost never drive the Exige in town. According to Lotus the S2 Exige suspension is only 10% stiffer then the 111R - hard to believe as it feels a lot more than that. Maybe the ride just feels harsh compared to the Noble, but it all becomes worth it when you hit a quiet twisty road

Incidentally I would be very interested to hear your views on Noble vs Exige handling.


I’ve had balancing weights fall off twice now.

I put gaffer tape over mine and not lost any since I started. I think they don’t always clean the wheel enough before sticking them on.

Thanks, good idea. I’ll do that myself next time.

Mark_R, Other than the 10% stiffer suspension over the 111R, the rest of the difference in feel over the Elise is from the A048’s. I have both wheel/tyre options with a 111R (currently on 111R suspension) & a big difference is noticable straight from driving away.


Many thanks for advice - mine was delivered with 25 psi - at 29 all round per my handbook the ride has smoothed out, the vibration practically gone and the steering much lighter too - thought I was going to have to go weight training to do mini-roundabouts!

Accept that if tyres heat up a lot on track (not always at Knockhill!), it may be idea to let some air out.