New on the block

Hi All, Although I’ve had my Exige for a year now, but I’m new to the site so I’m open to any suggestions / improvements for my car…In Brief; It’s Azure blue, Smoked lenses, Air con, Pagit brake pads, 190 upgrade + Elise parts exhaust with twin 3" tail pipes,comp clutch with lightened flywheel,Quick shifter, and last but not least harnesses… It is the most fun I’ve had on four wheels and I’ve had some!!I’m based near Basingstoke, but spend alot of time over in Camberley and sometimes Bracknell So If anyone wants to meet up for a bevvy sometime then let me know…

Hi, there is a Camberly Chapter group of Elise boys and girls i have seen on a link somewhere, the best place to look is [] as they are cool chaps and chapettes.I am in Addlestone near Weybridge so not too far away and will be definately up for a swift half after the New Year, let me know. Sorry but i am away until then, cheers, Mark.

Thanks for that mcdermom, I’ll check out the link…

Wow, I think I’ve seen your car parked up in Camberley (I better not say where) but I own the 340r that lives about 200 yards away (you must of heard/seen me!) and I used to own an Elise and an Exige. I do regular track days (mainly Goodwood) and would be up for a natter/comparison etc…Let me know,Jaycee

I work over in Bracknell, so when you’re next in the area, let me know, a beer and a chat would be cool.Cheers and welcome!DJ

Live in Farnborough, but Exige poorly at the moment. Would appreciate opportunity to meet and look at your car whilst I pine for the return of mine.