new official ECU flash for the Exige S

while trying to get to the bottom of an intermittent stalling problem, B&C were sent a new version of the ECU coding by Lotus for my S… still trying to find out what exactly has changed, or if any optimisation has been put into it

I had to have a new ECU in May. It was a bit drawn out but apparently Lotus didn’t have an ECU available and had sent an ECU for them to fit temporarily. They claimed that it enabled the engine to produce more power and so Lotus wanted it back. I had it fitted to the car for about 2 weeks until the new ECU turned up but didn’t really notice the difference. I suppose it goes back to the claim that the stock injectors are running at max capacity anyway?

Lotus are just making it harder to tinker with

I spoke to someone at Lotus the other week who told me there was no reflash for the Exige S. This was after I queried the short high revs at cold start up. I was told this was due to something to do with emisions and was normal.

Doesn’t say “official” re-flash but gets a mention here