New Nitron Owner

Just had nitrons fitted by Lakeside Engineering, so far im impressed they seem far more supple at low speeds, i dont fell like my spine is going to be shattered everytime i go over a bump.
I just wondered what everyone had theirs set at, lakeside set mine at 4 clicks from full soft, i spoke to guy at nitron and he said 10 from full hard, anyone that has used them on the track? i would appreciate a setting to try out.


What springs you on?

What’d it cost at Lakeside (if you don’t mind me asking)?


I went for 7 from full hard front, 8 rear as a starting point with 375/450 springs and Geary’s 3 x stiffer ARB on it’s 4th hole. That is with slicks and only for track use might be a bit hard on road.

I still need to do some more fine tuning as the engine mount broke and put an end to the setup session. Initial impressions were that i needed to soften anti roll bar to reduce understeer in the slower corners and soften rear to combat exit oversteer. These are initial impressions so i might have to change them quite alot when we have spent some more time on the track. Also you will need to adjust your geo settings for the new setup, a search will bring up some settings to try.

I have 350/425 springs i belive which is what comes with the exige kit. I am planning on fitting a honda engine at some point and after chatting to guy at nitron he said blinks car runs 400/500 springs and feels very good so i will probably change to those in the future.
I will check the price as receipt still in car as i had to have new rear 48’s and a driveshaft gator replaced also.
Laskeside asked me what sort of geo i wanted i told them a track orientated setup as that what the car will mainly be used for.


I am running 600 and 650 springs, and the Lotus setup guide (2001) for the original LRSS said 700 and 750…

Mind you that would be pretty jumpy on the road…

Starnge …

I always thought that it was the front needed to be softer than the rear …

I mean Nitrons adjust from full hard - so fronts about 6-10 and rear 4-8 but always about two different in that range.

It can get confusing because most people remember Spax and we all used to set from soft …

Well that works for me anyhow …

Agree it’s needs about two between the front and rear. Is full hard not all the way on the plus side and then the number of clicks you require toward the negative. if not i have some serious adjusting to do


Yup … + is full hard, so - is going softer …

"I went for 7 from full hard front, 8 rear as a starting point with "

What I meant was I always thought the back should be harder - at least that works best for me …

There is no right or wrong - just get on with what feels best to you!

All good motorsport techs work from full hard - not soft. Cheers