New mapping of the EFI-Controll at the Elise 160

HelloMy name is Hans and I’m living in Switzerland. My (new) elise is one of the 319 Sport 160 (yellow, black aclantara, momo-300mm steering-wheel, race-brakepads, MG-F-VVC-Gearbox, magnesium-wheels with A038, smoked lamp-covers etc. etc.). I do a lot of racing ( performance- (max. 164 hp) and torque-line of my 160 is like the alps (going up and down with a huge valley at 4200 rpm)! Knows anyone something about a new mapping of the EFI-Controll-Unit or details about the lotus-190-upgrading-kit for the Sport 160??Thanks and ciauHans (sorry for the english - I fight with it…)

Hello HansThere isn’t a 190 upgrade kit to the 160.The 190Bhp engine used in the Exige is very different internally to the 160. The 160 is a basic K series 1.8 with a slightly ported head (standard valves), hot cams, VVC type inlet mainfold and an Exige/340R exhuast manifold.The VHPD engine has different head casting, steel crank for higher revs etc. etc. To get the 160 up to 190Bhp would require bigger valves, more head porting, steel bottom end, throttle bodies and loads of other stuff! Should get to 170Bhp or a bit more with throttle bodies and a different engine management.I’ve got a 160 and have just fitted a different exhuast manifold which has really filled out the midrange power, and its quieter! Next step is throttle bodies for me - Should then be fast as it would ever need to be really - Much faster than an Exige…I got my 160 just before the Exige came out - Would swap it but the values the dealers are offering are just stupid so i’ve gone for the tuning options and having fun fitting them.Good luck with your racing!