New look fifth gear…

Well that was a bit, you know… underwhelming .

Except for the powersliding Evo, nothing wrong with that, but everything else, felt a bit, forced .


I think I’ve just seen my last ever episode of 5th Gear. Shockingly bad and that’s in comparison to the dire last series.



The last series was shocking and this new look is the same but in a different place…A JCB crushing a car, Vicky said “that was amazing” she doesn’t get out much I take it…With all the talk of Top Gear being binned I think they looking at the wrong program, take a look at Fifth Gear.

I was wondering if it was aimed at the likes of you young David, clearly not. I thought the Tiff bit was pointless, and how much understeer?!

The only cool bit was the self-driving car.

I was also disappointed to hear VBH talking about going sideways on the way to the shops.


They failed miserably either way!

The dialogue was dry and felt very put on, the only mildly interesting thing was on for 5 mins, and whilst the Evo piece was at least �fun� it�s such an old idea .

And who the hell is that Tim bloke .


I’d generally be a staunch defender of Tim Lovejoy’s talent as a presenter as he’s superb on Soccer AM which is a live broadcast, but last night was bloody awful.

Had to turn it off halfway through: presenters that know about cars on car programme would be a good idea.

Even the Tiff Evo plane thing…god how many times do we have to see a car go up against a plane, train, etc…Top Gear did it and it worked but it’s old hat now.

So bad that nobody is even raving about the self driving car!

i liked the self driving car…

mind you i was really dissapointed that it didn’t beat that old duffer driving it.

and it knocked a cone down…

The best part used to be the Plato reviews…I take it he’s not been signed up for this season?

Anyone remember the review he did of the S1 - never seen a link to it on the internet but would love to see it again - he realy threw it about, enjoyed the car and very pretty complimentary about it.

I think Plato is doing something daft on Sky 1.

Oh and probably trying to get that new wife of his preggers (the old git, he’s apparently 38!).


I’ve not seen it yet & normally would rush to find out when the repeat is on but - No JP, he was the only one who was down to earth and enjoyed his driving like a normal bloke (oh, apart from the fact he’s a race driver & has pots of money). I liked his honest take on the cars, if he didn’t like it he said so and looked liked he enjoyed every minute of the driving. Don’t get me started on the ‘squeeler’ she wets her pants everytime a car twitches!

What a load of cobblers …well its good by 5 th gear and V>B-H (Verry Big Harse) Christ knows what we will do if they cobble Top Queer…may be there will be an Adults Pay Channel version to keep us poor addicts satisfied.
More Speed More FUN

I’m very proud to announce I didn’t bother watching it.

Autumn Watch is so much better

Autumn Watch is so much better

I’m very pleased that you think so

Autumn Watch is so much better

I’m very pleased that you think so

Yes, yes…

Bill Oddie: Come on Kate, let’s have a look at those Great Tits.
Kate Humble: Yes, here’s one just emerging.