New Lip Spoiler Required !!

Decided it would be a great idea this morning to throw the car off the road into a ditch, pick an excuse for how i did it, greasy road / diesel, too fast, lack of talent, etc.etc.

only thing damaged it the lip spoiler and pride

anyway new lip spoiler , lotus or aftermarket ?

Options are pretty limited. The Lotus one is actually fairly cheap if you can find it in stock. About �130. But then you have to get it painted.

Other options are the Eliseparts one, or Reverie are now doing one for standard cars similar to the one on Junks car.

Didn’t know that the lotus one needed painted, suppose thats another �70 to paint

think i will order this one then from elise parts, in the black gel coat finish


that looks like c/f to me Expensive. No paint on the NA car though. Just the S

NA car has a matt black painted one, the S has a body colour one…as spares they come from Lotus in GRP with white gelcoat.

the CF one is another �100+, and i dont want to go that route because i will end up changing all sorts out in CF to make it all match,

will order the black gel coat finish one today

Phil, before you do, drop me a pm.

PM Sent