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Hi Guys,

after owning and running an Elise (slightly modified with PTP RT 170 kit different suspension etc) I have now grabed the chance to buy an Exige. (It has sme grinning all day to have an Elise and an Exige sitting there waitning for me The car had originally been bought by a collector in December 2000 and he has put 22ks on the clock. The car is in very good condition and nothing has been modified so far.

When I bought the elise the situation was similar and I fitted the modifications after finding out on my own what needed to be done.

Here I’d appreciate a short cut as the family summer holiday is looming and the garage can take care of the bits and bobs while I am away.

So I’d appreciate the tips you might have for me, Whatts on the list op to now:
remote thermostate,
s/s brake lines,
upgraded pads and brake fluid,
magnecor ignition leads.

What else needs to / should be done?



I’m not so sure about the leads you know, fine if it cures a problem but probably not an issue otherwise.

Pads definately, and if it’s going near a track (and you’re missing something if you don’t) braided lines and fluid.

Thermo is a good idea, but a problem if it’s a A/c car. Might be worth waiting to see when somebody sorts out Rover PRRT version (can’t be long now).

A quick shift and gear link kit will make the gearbox much nicer.

Then you get on to performance upgrades…


Hi Ian,

How is the A/C a problem with the thermo kit? As the Elise has no A/C the issue didn’t come up. Is there any way of sorting the remote thermo kit with A/C

Definetly braided hoses, pads and racing fluid, basically I want to put in the improvements I had done to the Elise in the Exige but appreciate that different issues may come up with the Exige. The Elise as I had said has these issues attended to together with c/r gearbox, lightened flywheel, upgraded clutch etc it goes like mad and stops like hitting a tank. Best investment was a fully adjustable suspension system (including highspeed and lowspeed settings).

Like I said I#d like to skim off the knowhow you learnedthe hard way.



Try a search. But I think there’s A/c stuff in the way for fitting the thermo.

People have fit the UCR, but that makes it very track oriented. Remember, your wheels are bigger, so the CR box in there is already closer than the Elise. Haven’t heard of any flywheel upgrades, but balancing everything is fashionable (and probably a good idea) at the moment. Clutch upgrade is just plain obvious the first time the std one goes. Nitrons are the std suspension upgrade, and blooming good value.


Thx for the info, having the obvious done during the holiday and will rollowing road it upon return
Cheers Tom