New FIA standards for trackday helmets

I’ve been secretly testing the FIA’s latest specification for trackday helmets but unfortunately I was caught by my paparazzi colleague. Suprisingly it doesn’t look like they are HANS compatible. But they are certainly TOSSER compatible.

Can you believe that I really had to wear this thing as regulatory safety equipment during road testing at a customers test track :astonished: Our far eastern friends have a good sense of humour, doesn’t look like I’m sharing in it though!

The question is - what’s its purpose?

a) prevention of deposits from seaguls overhead
b) protection from sunburn
c) to give a retro mille miglia feeling
d) increasing of TOSSER credentials
e) …

I’m just glad I didn’t stuff any cars on their track!

:cool:I fecking love that Wes…You should send that picture to Kim jung il, he’d sign you up tomorrow :smiley:

Superb, PMSL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

lol :smiley:

Which country is it in?
It’s very similar to a helmet I was given to wear at one of our test tracks in Japan.

I initially refused saying it was probably safer without it but was told if I didn’t wear it I wasn’t allowed on the track.

Gotta be Japan …

Every place I go to you have to wear a hard hat … this is Toyota where you also need a Safety officer with you at all times …
oh and safety shoes, buckle covers and some armband that will save my life apparantly …
The green sign has all the paperwork relating to what we are doing …

So who’s the bloke wearing the baseball cap - crash test dummy? :wink:

Just realised it’s Stan! :smiley:

It’s very similar to a helmet I was given to wear at one of our test tracks in Japan.

Yep Mark, land of the setting sun. Home of the Wankel boys.

I haven’t worked out why some people persist in wearing those face masks, maybe they share a lift in an Exige with a flatulent colleague?

Don’t tell him your name Pike !

For those old enough to remember dads army