[ NEW FEATURE ] Solved!

I have added a new feature called “Solved” on the site.

This feature is enabled on the oily bits part of the forum.

Essentially if you ask a question and someone provides you with a valid working answer you can hit the solved button.

This in turn will allow people in the future to see solutions to their potential issues easier.

Example below :

You can only provide a solution if you are the thread starter or have a level 4 privlege ( you probably dont! )

As the thread starter you can see the option for solution

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I’ll never solve a problem but great idea!

How to get a broken down S1 back from Europe @thommo ? :crazy_face:

Fair point. Solved by Classic Line and the Euro insurance included in my policy👍

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great idea saves going through loads of old threads

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May be worth considering giving some known technical experts a level 4???

If only we had some Steve.

I’ll put you down for one, I am sure @JDS will be delighted to be one.

Anyone else fancy it?

Works for me.

Done and thank you