[ NEW FEATURE ] Passkeys

I have enabled a feature called Passkeys.

What is passkeys you might ask? Well , its a simple system where your device validates that you are you, and not a username / password.

In short, its a passwordless password :slight_smile:

How do I enable it?

On the device you want to use goto your profile ( top right icon , then the profile icon )

Preferences next

Security tab, then + Add Passkey


Once its setup it will look like the below

That means on the device you just added the passkey to it will automatically sign in , and if on something like an apple device as its a shared store it will sign you in automagically on all linked devices.

The main benefit of a passkey over a password is you cannot really steal a passkey - its your device(s) saying that you are you, not a username/password combo.

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If I was doing this on my Android/iPhone I would visit the page as above but select :

You then will get an image to scan with your camera :


You can then add that !

( note that MS Authenticator does not support passkeys at the minute )


That’s great thank you Andy

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