New feature : Light and dark mode

I have been testing a new feature out and tweaking the design.

If you note up to the right ( if your on a PC ) or somewhere at the top on your mobile device there is a moon and a sun.

This is for light and dark mode.

Some wont use it , but I personally find white too bright. This will let you switch. I am finding lots and lots of things I need to tweak in here , and its kind of late now or early depending on your viewpoint so Ill miss loads.

Let me know if you use the dark mode.

I like it Andy…takes a bit of time (Android Tab) to switch as each page has to load first in “white”.

Reverts back to white mode (with no option to switch) once logged in though.

Will probably use it mostly at evening times.

andybond Is this linked to the Exiges theme disappearing and reverting tithe PHP BB theme? Happened about midnight last night, not sure if just me? Not a complaint BTW!

Noticed that myself. It will get better when done new code is released.

Yes, I was working on things then.

Its still serving up the PHPBB theme on safari (mobile and OSX), not sure if its linked

I think your browser must have cached the old theme…

Caches empty and does it in private browsing too. I’m sure it’ll correct itself my end :thumbup:

I’ll take a look at your account in a bit.

Anyone else having this issue? theme all back for me in all devices now so I wouldn’t worry :thumbup:

Ah, excellent! Thanks for letting me know

Exiges pic disappears in dark mode for me, the date and time of post and the quote button are hard to see… Also if there is a quote, some of the text in the previous posts is dark on a dark background…

Having said that - I like it…

on a Mac using safari

Cheers @andybond !

I noticed the logo goes as well , as well as some of the other buttons. I just need to work out the CSS class name.

I was an idea I had at 0230 last night and ran out of patience at 0445!

Ill keep on tweaking the design!