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Afternoon all,

I’ve have my Exige S for a 2ish years now, mainly a summer toy - Happy to get a bit wet in her though.

Currently just been driving, cleaning and updating the car. There are jobs planned. One of which is the fan resistor issue… but I’m trying to put that off… understandably.

Current jobs planned -
Fix carpark damage.
new bushes and powder coat wishbones/suspension component.
re-upholster the interior Boyriven do some nice Alcantara.
A good Major service service
Maybe some 240R alloys if the stars align.
Design, cut and weld some new components.

The forum looks great. So see you about.



Welcome along!

I ( we! ) really appreciate you taking your time to sign up and post.

Car looks fantastic! Where abouts in the world are you? Might be good to get out and about for a meet?

Welcome and nice car sir :ok_hand:
Keep us posted on the progress

Forums are an important tool in the world of hobbyists and its unfortunate that FB seems to be killing them all slowly.

There seems to be a wealth of knowledge here. So I hope to learn and add to it.

I’m a southerner. Berkshire/Hampshire area. WOuld be good to meet some people. Gives me a reason to get the E MOTd and Insured…


Welcome to exiges. A great looking car :+1:t2:

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Recent trends are showing the facebook is on the decline. I guess there is only so many times in 15 minutes that you can ask “what tyres Mr?!”

This place is worth its weight in gold for info and it will be even better with more input in from people like yourself!

As you have new fresh eyes on the site I asked over here (50 days ago we moved platforms - #16 by andybond) after I replatformed if I have missed anything. I would be interested in any feedback you have.

The regulars can sit back and be happy with what they have got :wink:

I am a fair way from your neck of the woods but I am sure people will be happy to meet up.


Welcome, glad you signed up.

Only one way to keep forums going and that’s to contribute :+1:

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Keep us updated with your “to do” list and dont be afraid to post about your progression or ask questions on here.

I dont think FB will replace forums. So much info to be found on forums and easier to use or have discussions.

Good luck finding your wheels… all i seem to do at the moment is search for wheel’s.

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I’m likening the style and continuous scroll. Will see how we go after the old PhBB forums I’m used to.

Ill make a build thread/tracker type. for my own sanity and as a record. I just need to start as that’s always the hardest. However once I’m going I’m good.

Cheers for the welcome team.


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My favourite part of the forum! Ill follow with interest and ask lots of daft questions! Promise!

Welcome and what a lovely car. I can’t remember if it’s polar blue or Ice blue (might be neither :sweat_smile:), but one of my fave colours for an Exige.

Heyup from a moonlighting Cup Elise owner :wave:

Polar Blue is my guess @Elise_Mark - Ice Blue was on the earlier S2 Elises (even made it onto Ted’s S1 Exige). Polar Blue came shortly after and then they lightened it again (back towards Ice Blue) and called it Liquid Blue. Miss my Ice Blue 111S much? :cry: