New Exige

Hi All

Just took delivery of my new Exige after chopping in my S2 Elise.

Ardent Red with Comfort Pack. Knocked up 60 miles last night, but keeping below 3 1/2k RPM is killing me !

Compared to the Elise it feels much stiffer (hard top helps I guess), but much better built, although the clutch and brakes take getting used to.

Will keep you all posted on the trials and tribulations of Exige ownership, and if I ever work out how to post an image here, will do that too !


i also took delivery of mine last week although for me it was a logical step as i already had an exige …finding it great should be lots of fun, you will love it !so welcome to exige ownership it is addictive

Welcome Stephen!

I’m not so sure that roof is adding too much stiffness (wait for the mike lane pun). Probably more to do with the magic performed by Lotus’ ride and handling team.


welcome to the board halfpenny… why you called halfpenny ??

hope you enjoy exige ownership, i’m sure you will.

BTW I just had an extended test run - on my own - in the ‘coupe’ yesterday… I have to say I was happy… nice.

… why you called halfpenny ??

Same reason why you’re called RoxTeddy

… Welcome!

why u called ULD 1S

Bloody hell! curious tonight!

why don’t you ask me why am I the first Tretmanis in the world?

why u called ULD 1S

Because he “iss ould” !!!

why u called ULD 1S

Because he “iss ould” !!!


A dangerous name for a dangerous guy…

so this is how you idle away the hours is it…

My name is Uldis and I don’t do anything much all day long…


Rox - That’s a seriously serious search engine you got there

Has it been blueprinted ??



No matters arising… no AOB… mmm what can we do then ?? I know why don’t we split the project list into two… we could seperate the updated projects from the un-updated ones… yeh that’s a good idea… lets look busy… great… see you in a couple of months then…


Welcome Steven,

Have a look in your handbook mate (page 55) - the running in revs are 4.5 K - that should help


Yes, that was a boring meeting. Although I met a very nice lady there

So, what can you come up with regards to my lastname?

what can you come up with regards to my lastname?


TRET definition - water or dust in a measure

so tret - man - is = DUSTMAN

Hmmm, interesting:

TRET, weights and measures. An allowance made for the water or dust that may be mixed with any commodity. It differs from tare. (q.v.)

One Tret, Two Trets…

But no. WRONG!

Try again.

Welcome Steven,

Have a look in your handbook mate (page 55) - the running in revs are 4.5 K - that should help

Yep, & even short bursts to 7500rpm…no more than 75% throttle though.

After 600mls it’s short blasts to MAX revs too…so get out there

Thanks all !!!

Halfpenny is my surname…sad but true.

I read the bit in the handbook about 4.5k RPM. I’ll take it steady as I noticed in the Service Book it says that at the 1k service, your engine management system will be downloaded and the information sent to Lotus. If Lotus feel you have bene thrashing the ass of the car, they can invalidate your warranty…

Can you tell me how to add pictures to this ?


cheers stephen… i just thought it was an odd choice but didn’t mean anything by it, but i guess in your case its an obvious choice

welcome along anyway… hope you enjoy the ride…